A daughter wants to find her father with whom she has not communicated in 20 years. We track him down in a remote town in Tennessee and facilitate the introduction.


Foreclosures in minority neighborhoods mar a major metropolis. We find evidence that mortgage lenders discriminated against minorities in those neighborhoods by giving them onerous loans. The evidence helps the city recover millions in lost tax revenues.


A company promises investors oil production in mining prospects in Mexico. After spending tens of millions of dollars, the company only finds dry wells. Did it overstate its promises? We find the answer in engineering studies the company hid from investors.


A CEO suddenly resigns. The company only sates publicly he misspent funds. We find a pattern of malfeasance – spending on personal trips, penthouses and mistresses.

A biotech promises investors it can help older women overcome infertility. We discover documents that the technique requires FDA approval and the company knowingly overstepped its bounds.


A pharmaceutical company restates its earnings. We learn it has stuffed its channel with million of dollars of excess products and agreed in side letters with its customers to take back its unsold products.

A university confronts allegations that one of its students has committed rape. We uncover a disturbing pattern that leads to the student’s expulsion and prosecution.


A whistleblower contends the skilled nursing home facility where he works as an admissions clerk is ripping off Medicare by ordering unnecessary tests and services. We uncover evidence showing the practice pervades 35 facilities in the chain, leading the U.S. government to recover millions of dollars for taxpayers.


A venture capital fund plans to spend tens of millions of dollars investing in a tech start up with a revolutionary transportation device. We find evidence that the CTO hid relevant secrets about his past failures that investors would want to know.

Before one bank takes over another, the acquirer wants to know if the acquisition’s books have been kept in order. Our forensic accountant finds questionable transactions with overseas entities that change the stakes in the deal.

A large software company wants to set up an internal system and training program to avoid violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. We spearhead a program designed to minimize the company’s risks.

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