“If you need to bolster your complaint with accounts from confidential witnesses, I can think of no better sleuth than Chris at On Point Investigations. He has consistently delivered top-notch results with speed and efficiency.”

-Emma Gilmore, Pomerantz LLP

“Chris Szechenyi and his colleague Stephanie Stanley are top notch investigators. They know how to honestly relate to potential witnesses, to ask precise questions in the factual areas instructed by counsel, to persistently and appropriately follow up on questions and with witnesses, and to take detailed notes and write cogent interview memos to counsel they serve. They are a valuable resource to a complex litigation firm.”

-Sherrie Savett, Esq. Berger Montague

“On Point is a great investigative tool and we at Hagens Berman rely on their work frequently.”

-Steve Berman, Esq., Managing Partner, Hagens Berman

“Chris is an excellent investigator who has helped us with possible violations of the antitrust laws. He is both dogged and personable – a great combination for his line of work. I trust his judgement and his instincts. I recommend him wholeheartedly.”

– Brent Johnson, partner at Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll PLLC

“On Point is our go to firm for reliable and thorough investigations in complex financial fraud cases. Chris Szechenyi is an excellent professional investigator. He takes the time to understand the needs of each case and lead investigations that yield results.”

-David A. Thorpe, Esq., DIETRICH | SIBEN | THORPE LLP

“I have used On Point Investigations in a significant case. On Point was extremely effective in communicating with former employees, obtaining their cooperation, and having them tell their stories which greatly bolstered my case. I would highly recommend On Point for any investigative needs.”

-Michael Fantini/Shareholder Berger Montague

“If you’re looking for an investigator dedicated to delivering top-notch services, call On Point Investigations.”

-Brenda Szydlo, Of Counsel, Pomerantz LLP

“As partner in a Boston based litigation firm, for years Chris and I worked closely together investigating securities fraud claims. Chris always impressed me with his skill, diligence, creativity, and professionalism – and particularly his ability to connect with people and potential witnesses – and his work helped our firm secure millions of dollars for harmed investors.”

– Mike Lange, attorney, formerly partner with Berman DeValerio

“I’ve used Chris and On Point for over 15 years and I’ve always been very happy with his understanding of the cases, the quality of the witness interviews and the overall service. I recommend him to others.”

– Jeff Westerman, Westerman Law Corp.

“Chris and his team at On Point are among the most reliable investigators I have encountered in twenty-plus years litigating securities cases. They are thorough, diligent, highly communicative, and have a keen understanding of the importance of documenting and verifying every fact. I’ve worked with Chris on a number of securities cases—I have repeatedly gone back to him—and I have colleagues who prosecute antitrust and other class litigation that respect and value his work as much as I do. I highly recommend On Point. Chris and his team of skilled, experienced investigators have meaningfully contributed to a number of my cases.”

-Andrew Abramowitz, Esq.

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